Quillscript Plugin, formerly known as Snowfall, is an Unreal Engine code plugin. It controls the story and narrative flow for RPGs, visual novels, and other story-driven games. Including player choices, story branching, conditions, code integration, and much more. All of that is done through an easy-to-use screenplay-style scripting language.

For Writers

Writers have a screenplay-style scripting language to author their stories.

For Artists

UI designers can easily create their own Dialog Boxes and Selection Boxes widgets using UMG full power.

For Programmers

Programmers can run their own custom code within script, either Blueprint or C++.

Quillscript Language

Using a simple set of story writing rules, which includes essential functionalities, like variables, conditions, choices, branching, and code execution; game developers, have a powerful yet straightforward markup language to work with, made with game writers in mind.

A scripting-based dialogue has many advantages over other common dialogue systems like spreadsheets, graphs, and data assets. Scripts are plain-text files, this mean they are sequential structures, simpler to review, edit, follow, and track, just as they are source control friendly.


  • Easy to use, no setup required

  • Dialogue and player choices

  • Conditions and conditional branching

  • Story flow control and navigation

  • Execute any Engine's or Project's Blueprint/C++ code from script and capture the return back to script

  • Variables and variables replacement

  • Easy to create a custom User Interface using UMG full power

  • Localizable out of the box

  • Integrates with any save system for persistence

  • Full Blueprint and C++ support

  • Any text editor can be used, there are no spreadsheets or complex data tables

  • Optional Visual Studio Code extension for syntax highlighting and autocompletion

  • Easy to customize and extend

Ready to get started?

To start with Quillscript, you need Unreal Engine installed and basic knowledge of how to use Unreal's Editor. Follow our Getting Started guide to begin authoring stories within Unreal Engine.

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