Second major update

We are excited to announce Quillscript latest update, featuring four major new enhancements designed to improve developers' quality of life. Among other things, we introduce the Variable Modifiers feature, the Checkpoint Directive, and the Sprite and TravelPass built-in commands.

Variable Modifiers let you execute a custom function before a variable value is retrieved, allowing you to modify a variable value or run a required code before the variable is used. Checkpoint offers enhanced flow control to stop the Script until a condition is met in Blueprints/C++ code. Additionally, Sprites is an experimental new feature that brings a dynamic new layer to our interface with customizable, animated icons that enhance user interaction and visual appeal.

Alongside these significant upgrades, this update also includes various minor enhancements, extra helper functions, and bug fixes to improve overall performance and usability.

Release Date: 2024-04-23

Engine Version: 5.4

If you use settings nodes, check the Possible Breaking Changes section




  • New Variable Modifiers feature

  • Add Is Script Playing function

  • Add Is Any Script Playing function

  • Quillscript References can now pass SubclassOf parameters, as a Script Refence Path

  • Quillscript can now capture Soft Object, Soft Class, and Weak Pointer references


  • Change the method Option Selected from private to public, to simplify code for self-managing UI developers

  • Change how the Audio Components map is exposed to Blueprints, to allow direct access

  • Add the On Audio Finished event, to track when a $ PlaySound audio channel finishes to play

  • Add an Interpreter reference outer parameter to the OnStatementPlayed, OnScriptStarted,

    OnScriptResumed, OnEnded, OnPlayDialogueBox, OnPlaySelectionBox and OnPlayBackgroundBox


  • Add the new Sprite Box creation, as an experimental feature

  • Change the script widgets' creation time and lifecycle to be ready when a script starts to play, allowing widget functions and instances to be called and referenced anytime


  • Change how Quillscript handles settings, from the Unreal Engine settings defaults to an instanced object. (Check Possible Breaking Changes)

  • Move Quillscript Settings from Plugins category to Game category

  • Rename SetSettingsAsset to UseSettingsAsset

  • Add ClearSettingsAsset function to stop using a previous given Settings Asset and use Plugin Settings instead

  • Invoke ClearSettingsAsset when Quillscript Subsystem is created, to reset the Settings Asset reference. This helps to test game in editor and to ensure no Settings Asset is set on game startup


  • Add Capture Widget utility function

  • Add Sort Strings Alphabetically utility function

  • Add Get Class Default Object utility function

  • Add Call Function By Name utility function

  • Improve the Remove Accentuation function to deal with more foreign characters


  • Fix an issue where the Blueprint won't compile when assigning OnPlaySelecionBox

  • Fix &PlayerState shortcut redirecting to Player Controller

  • Fix an issue where a misleading error message prints when a script asset is moved to another folder

  • Fix an issue where the Target object is reset to its previous value when Update at Runtime is enabled

  • Fix an issue preventing reference an array or map element in script

  • Fix an issue where local script settings were overridden when using PlayScriptUsingCustomSettings() or StartScriptUsingCustomSettings()

  • Fix an issue where Template Arguments can't have spaces between them

  • Fix an issue where a false or zeroed value UProperty could not be captured by script

  • Fix an issue where the Interpreter Class on Script's settings won't update when the Interpreter is created manually using a class different from the default one

  • Fix an issue where the wrong settings were verified before applying Script Settings After On Ended

  • Fix IsEmpty macro inverted pins

  • Fix audio components not stopping on script end

  • Fix a crash when an Audio Component from the Interpreter were referenced after being garbage collected

  • Fix a crash when a Default Class setting is null

  • Fix a crash when the 'define' directive declaration and usage have a different number of parameters

  • Fix a crash caused when an Interpreter's Audio Component were destroyed manually or automatically

  • Minor performance improvements

Possible Breaking Changes

Settings Handling

In Blueprints Replace all occurrences of the settings' nodes, and get them as a property from the instanced settings object.

In C++

Replace all static function calls, and use the instanced singleton.

UQuillscriptSettings::MethodName()         // From
UQuillscriptSettings::Get()->MethodName()  // To

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