First update

This is the first major update for Quillscript since it became the plugin's main branch. It adds new features like new built-in functions, the Inject directive, and some new delegates, among other things. It also fixes issues with commands and saving.

Release Date: 2023-08-02

Engine Version: 5.2

New Features


  • Add built-in function $ Voice

  • Add built-in function $ Music

  • Add built-in function $ SFX

  • Add built-in function $ PlayAnimation

  • Add built-in function $ Timer

  • Add built-in function alias $ Bg


  • Add the ~ inject directive


  • The On Script End event now have a Script Id parameter


  • Local Script Settings will keep its original value instead of updating to Project Defaults

  • Add On Variable Set delegate

  • Scripts linked by Id in directives or Travel will now be properly linked in the reference viewer


  • The $ Travel built-in function accepts referencing scripts by id

  • The $ Travel built-in function won't apply 'Script Settings After' on script change


  • It's now possible to override the Play method on child C++ classes


  • Add Manage Background Box setting

  • Add the GetSettingsAssetByPath() helper function

  • Default variables and references from Settings Assets are properly added on Script Asset set


  • Add RemoveAccentuation function

  • Add PropertyToString function

  • Add StringToProperty function

  • Minor improvements to performance and stability


  • Fix an issue preventing commands to call functions by class

  • Fix some minor issues with default widget's rich text and components

  • Fix a missing include preventing compile on Mac OS

  • Fix a crash during save

  • Fix an issue causing a crash when the Script Target reference was mistakenly Garbage Collected

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